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Spare Parts

MTU Seawater Pump 5582001101:

-special offer
-as long as the stock reaches
-competitively low priced!

Detail [»]5582001101
Detail [»]5582001101
Detail [»]5582001101



Crankcase Pressure Sensor:



It saves your engine from total destruction in case of piston seizure!


Is my engine at risk?

Yes it is, MTU 396 is notorious for it!

And there is no alarm or any sign!

Your engine can turn to scrap in just 1 or 2 minutes!


How it works

As soon as there is any damage in one of the cylinders caused by piston seizure / broken valve / scoring

the crankcase pressure builds up rapidly, the sensor stops the engine immediately!

Only minor damage caused by the early stage of scoring / seizing can easily be repaired, with little down-time.


Usual scenario

1) Bore polishing

2) scoring / seizure

3) piston crown detachment

4) Destruction of piston.

5) Destruction of cylinder-liner by the con-rod.

6) Cooling water enters the oil-sump.

7) Engine stops by itself, caused by lack of cooling water pressure.

Engine is totally destroyed , usually crankshaft and crankcase are scrap.

It usually takes 1 to 2 minutes for this all to happen! WITHOUT any signs or alarms!!



The engine is stopped by the air-flaps and needs to be rest by hand

Only overspeed or crankcase pressure will close air-flaps.

The option to close air-flaps is chosen because most operators simply re-start the engine and keep doing this until full destruction does allow them to restart.

It is also possible to stop the engine normally and trigger an alarm.



The price for the sensor is Euro 700,-



The sensor is a high quality product of Switzerland, specially made for Dieselworx.

Adjusted at 50 mb, sensitivity is 10 mb


Check the proper working

We advice to check the sensor monthly by removing the connection hose and blow by mouth (with small hose) to trigger the sensor, engine should stop.


Detail [»]Crankcase Pressure Switch
Crankcase Pressure Switch



MTU 4000 injectors RX52407500024:

-60 pcs in stock
-0 running hours since overhaul
-with test reports
-730,- EUR with trade-in of the old injectors (core charges)

Detail [»]RX52407500024



13 RW pump:

Spare parts list for MTU 396 category 13 RW pump:

 Please contact us for price information.




We have a lot of different sizes of O-Rings in stock:

Dieselworx O-Rings price list



Copper rings:

We have the most common used sizes of copper rings in stock:

Dieselworx Copper rings price list


If you would like to place an order for an engine, or if you would need engine parts, please feel free to inquire here.