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New Developments on the MTU 396 engines

We have developed our own adjustments on the MTU 396 engines, to improve the overall quality and to solve known frequent problems.


APR cylinder liner


The MTU 396 engine is notorious for bore polishing and subsequent piston seizures!

Dieselworx has developed a cylinder liner with a Anti Polishing Ring! (APR).


How it works

The APR scrapes carbon away from the piston crown, it is blown away with exhaust gasses.

The crown is free from the cylinder-wall, carbon is not taken down to the cylinder wall.


Detail [»]APR cylinder liner
APR cylinder liner
Detail [»]APR cylinder liner
APR cylinder liner


Crankcase machining

To accommodate the extra space needed for the APR, the crankcase has to be machined,

The mating surface between crankcase and cylinder liner has increased by a full 100%!

The upper cylinder liner    bore was a weak point of this engine, the increased surface, eliminating the need for re-machining with each overhaul.

Because the bore in crankcase is bigger, all old wear is removed, the crankcase is again standard!



Detail [»]APR cylinder liner
APR cylinder liner




Advantages of APR

-Very long times between overhauls, 40.000+ hours possible! (other parts may not have this life time).

-No more bore polishing / piston seizures.

-Good oil control throughout the engine life time (low oil consumption)

-Less emissions throughout life time




Detail [»]APR cylinder liner
APR cylinder liner



Bore polishing

Is caused by carbon on the piston crown taken down between piston and cylinder wall.

causing mechanical wear of the honing surface, a bright shining surface appears, oil is no longer kept in the pores of the honing, oil control is lost, high oil consumption, scoring and seizing starts.